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I WALKED IN HELL (Aline Baxley)



I received the Lord in my life when I was eleven years old. I married at the age of seventeen, left the church, and headed into a world of sin.


By the age of forty I was in my second marriage, a complete alcoholic, hooked on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, I was running from the call of God on my life. One week before my accident, I ran by my mother’s house on my way to work. When I went in the door, Mama started weeping. She said, “Aline, when are you going to give your life back to God? You are looking so old.” Mama knew I didn’t care if I lived or died. I had made several attempts to take my life. I was so possessed by alcohol and drugs that I couldn’t believe God could or would set me free again. I had turned my back on God so many times that I didn’t even have the right to ask Him to forgive me again. I said, “Mama, I won’t mind Hell. You tell me one thing the devil could do to me that my life on this earth hasn’t been. I have had one heartache, sorrow, and Hell my entire life. The flames and the devil couldn’t touch me.” I looked at Mama, I said, “Mama, if there is Heaven and if there is a Hell, my Hell would be to be separated from my God I have loved so much all my life.” I ran out the door, crying, and Mama got on her knees like she always did. She prayed, “God, you heard her words. She’s not afraid of death or Hell. Somehow, show her a portion of her Hell and turn her back around and put the fear of You back in her heart.”


One week later I fell asleep at the wheel of my car. I went over an embankment and was thrown out. I had my neck broken, four major breaks to my spine, nine broken ribs, crushed left lung and crushed kidneys. My mother was called to the hospital, and two doctors met her at the door and told her my only hope was God. I would have to have a miracle from God Almighty. In the meantime I found myself walking in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. That valley was so deep, dark and wide, I was so afraid to even move an inch. I started crying out for God to stay my feet and not to let me move. I was in a place of thick, gross darkness. I couldn’t see my hands before me. I had always loved the 23rd Psalm. I started quoting it: “Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death…” but I couldn’t go on. I couldn’t say His rod and staff would comfort me. I stood there with sin in my life – undone, to meet that Almighty God up there. The only thing that was alive within me was the Word, and the Word turned into Jesus Christ. He started interceding on my behalf as my high-priest unto God the Father, to stay my soul in that Valley of Death. in the right hand corner appeared the mighty Death Angel. I started crying “What is the Death Angel her for?” He had arrived so that , on the command of the Father, he would have to separate me and my Lord. The Death Angel carried me out to that outer, outer darkness. i found myself in Hell, screaming, hollering, gnashing my teeth, begging the Death Angel not to leave me in Hell. Souls were around me by the hundreds and thousands, screaming and gnashing their teeth, just trying to die.


We think it’s all over when we die, but that is only the death of the flesh. After that there is the second death when the judgment of God pronounced upon the soul. We either have a life sentence given to us in God, or we have a death sentence – but we do not “die”. We do not cease to exist. We are even more aware after the first death. The soul lives on forever and forever. The rich man’s soul (Luke 16:19-31) is still out there screaming and hollering and gnashing his teeth, awaiting the Judgment Day, to be cast into the Lake of Fire. Here I saw a great gulf fixed, and all these souls were trying to climb up to God the Father, but the only way through the deep gulf was through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the Blood I had taken so lightly. Then God showed me the Lake of Fire where the third of the angels were in chains of darkness. There were red-hot piercing flames going through all Heaven and earth. Yet they gave no light. The Lake of Fire was in total darkness. Hell was enlarging itself and here began this mighty, earth-quaking voice of God. He began to penetrate the atmosphere as He spoke to me. He said, “You were right not to fear the devil, though I let him kill you with the first death. You fear Me. I am the One that can destroy both your body and your soul. I won Hell. I had to cast these souls out here.” God said He did not create Hell for the soul of man; but Hell was enlarging because “…broad is the way that leadeth to destruction… but narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matt. 7:13-14) Many are on the road to destruction but refuse to turn back.


During the days that I lay in a coma, I waited in that dark valley. It seemed an eternity, but it was just a few days in earth-time. During this time my sister was in great intercession for my life. At last, after what seemed ages, a bright light began to shine. It was so holy, so righteous, I wasn’t fit to even look up to this Almight light. I covered my eyes and fell flat on my face in that dark, deep valley. Here, for the second time that Almighty voice of God began to speak to me again. All God would say to me was Romans 11:29, “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” I screamed, “God forgive me!” I thought I was dying at this point, as my crushed lung began swelling and my right lung deflated, and for four minutes I didn’t breathe. They were trying to force a copious volume of oxygen into my lungs, but there was no improvement. They tested me after four minutes. There was no life at all – one more minute and they would have pronounced me dead and would have taken me off all life-sustaining machines.


I didn’t know what all they were doing to try to save my life, but I knew I was dying. There appeared in the Heavens a beautiful scroll. A hand appeared and began rolling it out. There, in a matter of seconds, I saw my entire life before me – everything I had ever done. And that same Jesus that loved me so much and wouldn’t leave me in the valley had to take His finger and write my judgment across my life. I saw Him write the name of my sin that was going to separate me and my God forever. I could not believe the word that the mighty hand of God began writing across my life. That mighty finger began writing the word “LUST” across my life! The thing I had called love for my husbands, God called LUST! I started screaming, ” No God, No God, that’s not me, that’s not me!” I had never considered myself a lustful woman. I knew I was dying when I saw my judgment. As I died, I was hollering, ” God, forgive me, forgive me! Have mercy on me!”


I found myself back in the spiritual womb of my mother. God let me witness how hard my mother and my sister travailed in prayer to birth me back again into the Kingdom of God. in the vision which the Lord gave me then, I saw how my sister started praying so hard to rebirth me, she turned into a skeleton; all her flesh was consumed off her. A doctor will tell you, that there is just a hair’s breadth between life and death when a mother gives birth to her child. I saw myself as I had once been but a “substance” back in my mother’s womb. Here, for the third time, the voice of Almighty God spoke again. He said, “Before you were in this belly, I foreknew you, I called you and ordained you from the foundation of the world. In the same manner that I could not repent of the call on the life of My only begotten Son, I won’t repent of the call I have placed on men’s lives.” And one more time God repeated, “I will not repent.” My mother began to have labor pains. Each pain began bringing life back to this undefinable “substance” that was me, until life was restored to me. Again, I could feel the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit upon my life as it had been in my unborn state. I was being formed anew with each labor pain. ( When we are newborn in the Spirit, we have many, many growing pains.) As my mother began bearing down on that last birth pain, it moved me in my mother’s womb and positioned my head up to the opening of my mother’s birth canal. As I burst through her birth canal, God was saying to me, “Preach My Word, My Word, My Word, every word will be held accountable on the Judgment Day.”


Little ones, I truly found out there is a Heaven, I saw the lights of paradise. But there also is a Hell. I’ve walked in Hell. God answered my mother’s prayer that He would let me experience the Hell I had described. my Hell would be separation from my God Whom I loved so much and Whom I had accepted as my Savior at the age of eleven. When the soul sees it’s going to be separated from its God for all eternity, it plunges into such a terrible spiritual fire, as can never be kindled on earth. It is the spiritual torture of a soul that has once known God and now is cast into that outer, outer darkness, separated from God, his Creator, forever and ever. My friend, I truly found out there is a Hell. I walked in the pits of Hell. You must choose while you are in this life where you are going to spend eternity, in Heaven or Hell. We just begin to live when we die the first death. “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27). You have an appointment with God and you are going to keep that appointment. The Bible describes Hell ( and I found this to be true) as a place of future punishment for sinners and unbelievers. hell is a Lake of Fire, place of torment, a place where lost souls never die and the fire is not quenched, a place of weeping, wailing gnashing of teeth, a place where sinners drink of the wine of the wrath of God, a place where the smoke of their torment ascends up forever and ever. The rich man’s soul is still screaming and crying out, just trying to die; but there is not death to the soul. It lives on forever. The fire of Hell consumes the flesh, but it cannot consume the soul. I am a living witness that Hell is real. Hell is enlarging because people refuse to believe. You must make the greatest decision you’ll ever have to make. Where are you going to spend eternity, in Heaven or Hell? You may say, ” I do not believe in Hell!” But my friend, two minutes in Hell amidst the weeping; wailing and gnashing of teeth will change your mind, when you realize then, as everyone in Hell realizes today, that the Bible is the Word of God, that you are a sinner, that Christ died for you and that you could have been saved if you had believed and accepted Him as your personal Savior. As you weep, wail, and gnash your teeth, you will be crying aloud in agony, “What a fool I was! TOO late! TOO late!! TOO late!!! There are no unbelievers in Hell; but they believed TOO LATE! Every soul in Hell would give anything in this world to be me or you, back in this life, with one more chance to cry out, “God forgive me!” If we come to that dark Valley of Death with unrepented sin in our life, it will be too late. You may not have a praying mother and sister that will pray for your soul until they die.


So many, many times while I sat on the bar stools, God spoke Proverbs 1:24 to my heart, ” I have called but you refused. I have called but you refused. I have called but you refused.” It was sad that at forty years of age I was still running from God, bound by drugs and alcohol. God let me break my neck and die for four minutes, taking me to Hell and back before I would totally surrender my life to Him.


Don’t keep running from God. Like me you may think you know Him as your Lord and Savior. But if you keep running from doing His will, you’ll run right into a God of Wrath in that dark Valley of Death, and He will be your Judge. There is a side of God that is one of great wrath, and that is how you will meet Him on the Judgment Day. You will face the truth you have feared and will know there is a Hell, with a Lake of Fire and Brimstone. But you don’t have to take a chance on going to Hell. He did not create your soul for Hell. He created Heaven for you and Hell for the devil and his angels. You can say, “That ‘Hell’ business is for yesterday – intelligent people don’t believe that nonsense anymore!” But, friend, you can’t keep from dying. Death will claim you and you can’t keep from going there. But then it will be too late. Woe, woe, woe to you if you shun God’s plan of salvation! God is a God of wrath as well as a God of love, and woe be unto the person upon whom His wrath falls.


Where will you spend eternity? It will be in one of two places, Heaven, or Hell with its Lake of Fire and brimstone. Unless you repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, it will be Hell. God did not create Hell for you, my beloved, He created Heaven for the soul of man, and He created Hell for the devil and his angels. And if we go there, it will be our fault. Jesus made a way for you and me by the shedding of His precious Blood. You can be free from all your sins and make Heaven your eternal home forever. Accept Jesus into your life. he will heal your broken heart and set you free from drugs, alcohol, disease and all sins. If the Lord could set me free, He can also set you free. Beloved, I am living witness: There is a Hell. I have walked there, I have been there screaming, hollering, weeping, wailing, gnashing teeth, begging God not to command the Death Angel to leave me in Hell. Wide is the road that leadeth to Hell and destruction, but NARROW is the path that leadeth to everlasting life ( Matt 7:13). Choose life with Him, receive Him into your heart today. Tomorrow may be too late.


I beg you to receive Him now in your heart. Say this sinner’s prayer with me. you can be saved right now. “Lord Jesus, forgive me of my sins. Wash me in Your precious Blood right now. I will live for You the rest of my life. I’ll obey the call of God and choose Your will for my life. Thank You, Jesus for loving me and for forgiving me of all my sins. Amen.”
I love you and Jesus loves you,
Aline Baxley

Since Sister Aline’s car accident and life-changing experience in 1974, she has been a full-time missionary evangelist, taking her testimony to the nations of the world.


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  1. Wow…what an awesome testimony. Give your life to Christ today…tomorrow is not promised.

    Comment by Anonymous | April 17, 2009

  2. You have an awesome testimony. I too have seen some of Hell but not what you experienced. I will say this: It is extremely dark, about 3800 miles below the earth lying in the center. I did hear thousands of people screaming, crying and pleading for Jesus to save them. It is no joke and a frightening place to be. People have asked me: How did you know you were in Hell? My answer: When you get there you’ll know whether you believe it or not. Many do not know just how serious The Gospel really is and what Jesus is saving us from; this is why He died for us and all we have to do is repent and believe in Him. Please email me whenever you get a chance for I have a forum I would very much like for you to join for there are some on that forum who need an eye opener.

    Comment by Norman | May 16, 2009

  3. One other thing: I noticed some of you who leave comments on this site concerning Hell think it’s a joke and you minimize these revelations. This is no joke or laughing matter. This is serious beyond anything you can imagine and theres no horror on Earth that compares to the least torments in Hell. I have no words to describe the little I was permitted to see and hear but I can tell you it will change your life forever. Many a loved one is in Hell right now so please think about this for Hell is real and no game, joke or laughing matter.

    Comment by Norman | May 16, 2009

  4. This is true what Mother Aline Baxley
    seen. I am 47 years of age and when I was 18 years old. I had a dream of being in hell. It is different parts of hell. I did not see fire in the part I was in. It was very dark and very hot. I heard so many souls crying out in much pain. I seen this dark shadow like , coming toward me and , then I felt a present in back of me. When I went to turn to see who was in back of me, I travel so fast out of hell and I saw the blue sky. Next thing I know I was standing up in my bedroom with tears coming down my face. I called my mom and I told her about what had happen to me. She said baby you were in hell but thank God you made it back. Sad to say I did not give my life to Christ until Oct.8, 1994. A year after my 13 year old son was murder in a drive by shooting. The four men got caught and is now doing 70 to 77 years in prison. One of the murders is out he was the youngest one which he was 171/2. He only did 11 years. In court the Judge ask me what did I want to say to the one they think was the trigger man. I told him I had to forgive him because Jesus Christ forgave me. The murder said to me, he did not know Jesus but everyday in his jail cell he will began to find out who Jesus is. In the vision or dream I had, God was letting me know that he was going to use me as an intercessor to pray people into His Kingdom and if I don’t they will end up in hell the place I went to in the vision, or dream I had. People hell is a real place. I never hear or read anything like that before, the time before I had the vision of hell. Hell is a real place where souls are that did not get-born-again and obey Jesus words and the Holy Spirit. I would love for Mother Aline Baxley to call and e-mail me. I need her to help me pray about something. So if anyone read this can you please have her to e-mail me. Thank you so much.

    Comment by Rosette C. | December 10, 2009

  5. Hello Rosetta C.
    yes she is a very special woman and am proud to have he as my Aunt,I call her my Mother and she calls me her son.She has been such an inspiration in all my life helping to birth even the ministry and calling God placed in my life.
    Some people have written such horrible things about her that do not believe in God or Hell,some have twisted her Testimony around in hopes of trying to bring it down and diminish what she experienced, not only her but others that have had similar experiences with both Heaven and Hell.But Praise God Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us just like the Bible tells us in Hebrews 13:5
    Rosette, you and any others that read this can get in touch with me by e-mail address, thebaxleys@mindspring.com
    God bless,
    Bro.Richard Baxley

    Comment by Richard Baxley | May 5, 2010

  6. I met Sis Baxley and heard her testimony several times in New Jersey in the early 90’s. The bottom line is, Jesus is Real, Heaven is Real and know this; HELL IS REAL. So make up your own mind about getting right with God, today. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Here today – Gone today, as the present scene has evolved.

    Comment by Deborah | September 16, 2010

  7. I saw Sister Baxley in Stockton CA and the presence of God was there. I fell out in the Spirit and so did my son. That was a first for us though many other pastors tried to “push” us down to the ground. Now on the show “I Died and came back” we hear many others who say they died and came back. Some saw Heaven and some actually saw Hell or got a sense of it. I remember the scripture “even though one would go back from the grave and witness to them, they would not believe”

    Comment by Elizabeth | May 22, 2012

  8. I will never forget Sister Baxley. Myself and wife with our children met her many years ago at the Old East Coast For Jesus in Riverside, NJ. She is the closes that I have ever seen of next to Jesus. The POWER OF GOD FLOWS FROM THIS WOMAN. She had made such a tremendous impact on my families life that the day she ministered, the very next day I left my job early in the afternoon to seek her out and spent hours talking with her and experienceing the power of God. What a tremendous vessel, I am never ever going to forget her.

    Comment by Jonathan Johnson | July 12, 2012

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