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Jesus Is Coming


Jesus is coming sooner than you think. May the following videos, audios, and visions remind you of this truth as well as stir your hearts. Prepare today for His soon return. There were approximately 300 verses in the Bible concerning His first coming, but they are even more concerning his second coming. Are you ready? Repent, and ask the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and to save you now……because the time is short…tomorrow may honestly be too late.

Every Eye
The Law
Super Church
Audio Comp

September 12, 2009 - Posted by | End Days, Prophecy, Rapture |

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  1. I was curious about something— the animated picture you have of Jesus is coming back sooner than you think (with the sun and Jesus outlined in the center)— I am very interested in where and who it came from, because I had a very distinct vision before I saw this animated picture. The vision I had was almost exactly like the animation on your site. The next day or so after I had the vision I saw this same picture with the animation on Freetestimonies.com— I was absolutely floored!! — I’m not normally one to have visions, at least not like this and didn’t plan on telling anyone until I saw my vision in this animated picture.

    Comment by Wayne | December 7, 2011

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