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“Revealing Heaven” by Kat Kerr

“Revealing Heaven” by Kat Kerr



I accepted Jesus at age 4 and have had a close relationship with Him ever since. I have not led a perfect life, but quickly repented when I would sin. My Dad set a wonderful example for me and since I worked closely with him in his ministry of helping people for 18 years, my life has become an extension of his! I talk about my family a lot, because while growing up, they were all I had. They all helped me to become who I am and I will always love them. ‘Things’ were not that important in our home and although we did not have much, we shared what we had.

If you are interested in my ‘religious’ credentials, here they are: I am a licensed minister (since 1981) although I do not use the title. Have operated in the prophetic (with a ‘seer’ anointing) for over 25 years. Through my home church, I was a member of our ‘citywide’ intercessory group and a member of the ‘altar’ ministry team. Have served in children’s church, vacation bible school and headed up the hospitality team. Have served in many positions at numerous conferences for various ministries and have been a part of our Victory ministry team for over 20 years.

The credentials which most impress the Lord are as follows: Honoring my parents at all times, not just as a child, but even now as an adult. Submitting to my wonderful husband for 29 years, even when I did not understand his decisions. Teaching the things of God to my three daughters, by LIVING the Word and not just speaking it. Giving extravagantly, even after losing everything during a season of my life and having to sleep on someone else’s floor. Developing a lifestyle of Abandoned Worship regardless of circumstances or situations evident in my life. Trusting Him like a child, unquestionably! Being thankful for everything He gives me, even the small things! Sharing what I have with others, when they are in need. Setting aside hours every evening to worship and pray; and then waking every morning to greet The Father, my Lord Jesus and my best friend, Holy Spirit. A life lived for ‘them’ is my greatest credential!

I am so honored that God chose me for this assignment, even though I never asked; He has my permission to use me in any manner He chooses. You must live a ‘surrendered’ life to the will of the Father if you wish to pursue this type of intimate relationship. Worship becomes a lifestyle, not just a habit and obedience is a form of worship too. I make myself continually aware of what comes into my home through any type of media, because what you enter into; enters into you!

Prior to my experiences in Heaven, I had worked for twenty four years in key positions in the business world and now I am the President of One Quest International Corp. which was founded for the purpose of revealing Heaven to the earth. Many projects are planned to take place in the near future to fulfill that vision. One of the projects is about a child’s adventures in Heaven; which will be a series of books based on Revealing Heaven, written on a child’s level.

Contact info:

One Quest International Corp
P. O. Box 550989
Jacksonville, FL 32255

(904) 527-1943

Or email us at: contactoqi@gmail.com

Site: http://www.revealingheaven.com


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