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The Mystery of Paradise (by Bishop Earthquake Kelley)

Bishop Earthquake KelleyThe Mystery of Paradise
by Bishop Earthquake Kelley
interviewed on Manifest by Perry Stone jr.
Website: www.EarthquakeKelleyMinistries.org

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Bishop Earthquake Kelley, professional boxer and Hollywood pastor author of Heaven’s Golden Vessel, released by Word Harvest Books, a publisher dedicated to inspirational print. In this new book release, Bishop Earthquake shares his amazing story of seeing Heaven after a Brain Aneurysm.

“This is an exhilarating story about Heaven. As I read Bishop Earthquake’s account, I was transported to Heaven with him. I walked with him as he saw Heaven for the first time, I stood with him by the crystal river as he talked to his murdered son, and I listened with him as the Lord spoke and gave him a word for this generation. I cried, laughed and repented by the end of the book. I look forward to seeing my loved ones again with greater anticipation after reading this book. Bishop Earthquake, on behalf of this generation, thank you for bringing this word from Heaven,” said Dr. Jessica Davis, publisher of Word Harvest Books.

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